Summer 2018

Sun and Yoga
8 Aug 2018

Summer 2018

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The most complete Online workshop you will ever find.


For the last twelve months, I´ve been working intensely on my new Online workshop, where I´ve brought together the essence of my own practice. It is almost ready, and you will find one of the most complete bodies of knowledge to make your practice of Yoga the air you breathe, and you will practice forever.

Sunset in Ibiza

I have been in Ibiza for three weeks, giving classes and a weekend workshop. Once again, the Light of Yoga is the guiding light, and we went a bit deeper into this huge ocean of love. (sorry, I dont have pictures from the workshop…)

Ibiza Town

I was so happy to be there and to stay in a cave during this time, and used the opportunity to do a strong practice there. Only me, to look inside and refresh my own journey, to my own center.


What about you? Remember that is essential that every year, you reserve at least one month to be fully devoted to your spiritual practices and inner growth. This is so important, and I mean real practice, not vacations. Look inside, make your practice of Yoga your entire life, and there is no difference…



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