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A solid foundation in Traditional Yoga is transmitted in a carefully designed weekend workshop, covering the physical postures, mental attitude, emotional grounding and spiritual aspects of this Ancient School of Self- Realization and Well-Being.

You will be formally initiated in the Ancient Tradition of Classical Hatha Yoga, thousands of years old, and connect with your own inner-guide and Spiritual Teachers through the practice of Asanas.

– Most of the information given in the workshop is not in books, because it is my own personal experience with the Masters of our Tradition, lessons from my teachers in India, and total dedication to the Path and the School.

– The workshop is conceived to imprint in each student a clear impression of what Yoga is, on a mental level, demystifying philosophical and technical concepts in clear simple language, and most importantly on a Soul-level, in your heart, since Yoga is forever the Path of the Spirit. There will be very few Sanskrit names to memorize.

Theory and Practice



  • My talks are never the same and are meant to fire your inner light. The Yogi should question and inquire into the nature of things and have its own realizations. Yoga is an Spiritual activity to be assimilated by the natural wisdom of the spirit, and the sincere desire to understand it is the primary transformative force.




  • My classes are meant to expand your borders about yourself in a very practical way. You will become aware of many possibilities that had been always available to you on a physical and spiritual level, you will have direct experience, and after the workshop will have the choice to go deeper in your practice and your life.

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The Plan:

Day 1 – Saturday

  • 10:00/11:00  – Yoga intro/history
  • 11:00/12:45  – Hatha Yoga (fundamentals of Asana practice all levels)
  • 12:45/14:00  – Lunch
  • 14:00/15:00  – The Ancient School of Yoga
  • 15:00/16:45 – Hatha Yoga

Day 2 – Sunday

  • 10:00/11:00 – Patanjali and the Yoga Sutras
  • 11:00/12:45  – Hatha Yoga
  • 12:45/14:00  – Lunch
  • 14:00/15:00  – Bhagavad Gita (Karma, Bhakti, Jnana Yoga)
  • 15:00/16:45   – Hatha Yoga
  • 16:45/17:40 – Yoga Nidra astral projection
  • 18:00/19:30 – Satsang (questions and answers)

The order in which the content is delivered and the timings may change depending on location. It includes lunch depending on the location, and a course manual written by me.


Are you ready?

We are going to explore the source of all spiritual practices with the life experience that we already have. How far are you willing to go? The fountain is infinite and you should touch, see, smell, hear, drink and feel it. Can you?

The path of Classical Hatha Yoga was developed by simple people a long time ago, with a very big open heart, a clear mind and possibly very little ego… To be simple, committed to our own well-being and the well-being of others, is the simplest way to BE YOGA.


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Previous Events:

    • Ibiza Spain – Oct 4/5
    • Ibiza Spain – Oct 18/19
    • Edinburgh Scotland – Nov 1/2 – contact Laurie Blair
    • Birmingham UK – Nov 8/9 – contact Faye Fanton at  Barefoot Birmingham
    • Hamburgh Germany
    • Rishikesh India
    • Athens Greece – March 28/29 –  Studio Swaha
    •  Oudenaarde Belgium – April 4/5 at Hot Yoga Oudenaarde
    •  Brussels Belgium- April 06 to 12
    • Glasgow Scotland – April 18/19 – The Pilates & Yoga Place
    • Edinburg Scotland – May 03 –
    • Edinburg Community Yoga – May 28 to Jun 03
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