Practice Makes it Perfect



In this School, it is only YOU who can make the connection between the surface and the CENTER. You will never go further than your own center, and this is the actual meaning of our master-classes, 2 to 3 hours long. We move from the grossest to the most intimate parts of ourselves, using our mind only and our capacity to be PRESENT.

  • You teach yourself how to breathe and how to think during the class in real time. The physical postures are just a bridge, an excuse to reach the ETERNAL OBSERVER, and through time and persistence, we learn how to do this so naturally that it becomes unconcious.

All Levels

It doesnt matter if you are a pro or a beginner. We go as deep as you can handle. There is always something to learn and to share, and physical hability is NOT the priority here. Your desire is.

The classes are rituals of devotion to oneself, to the Ancient Yoga Tradition and the Enlightened Masters.

Private Classes

The private classes are a blessing to the student who wants to grow in wisdom and humillity, since the information that flows is always perfect and unique to the lucky one in that moment. He becomes aware of every detail of each posture from inside, of his internal changes and moods, and as he develops, we flow and advance further.



Powerful Yoga Nidra

In the end of every class there is a profound guided relaxation, which takes you out of the body and integrates the teachings of the day on a subconscious and conscious level. It makes you light, refreshed, renovated, re-energised, aware and positive to go on in your daily responsibilities.




Practice, practice, and practice.

Love &  Light.