Yoga Class - Asana Practice 01

Practice with me this intermediate session of Hatha Yoga.
19 Mar 2020

Yoga Class – Asana Practice 01

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Dear yogis and yoginis,

This is my first asana practice online, for us to remain healthy, strong, motivated, and to always keep moving towards wisdom. This is the perfect time to do intense Sadhana and we all should do it.

Take advantage of this period of introspection to enlighten yourself.

Below it is a short introductory video:



Below is the asana practice. It is not a class, it is a practice. The video is just to guide you on which pose to do next, and you keep the focus, the seriousness and the introspection. Before you start, do your opening meditation, and it is also perfect if you have an altar with a picture or image of a master, with some flowers and a candle.

Practice every day as if you are living in an Ashram…



Once you have finished your practice, you can hear the relaxation here:



Love & Light,


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