Yoga In Rimini

Bringing higher awareness into the physical body
6 Jun 2019

Yoga in Rimini, Italy

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I just came back from a four day event in Italy where fitness, sports and Yoga where brought together. It was a very nice experience to bring higher awarenes to the physical postures in a different way (at least for me…)



It was really nice and natural to remember everyone present why we should practice Yoga forever with dedication.



Yoga brings up the voice of our spirit, and people were very happy to remember the highest goals of life and at the same time having fun and learning something new.



Yes, we are all very close to the goal of our lives. We just need to see it and believe it. All we need is to let go just a few things…



Every day we can do a little bit, and in the end, we may be surprised with the results…



Remember always to come back every day, in one breath, to the source of your being, which is the absolute silence behind every thought you have.


May Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice dominate your life.

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