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Hamburg 2024/25

The Ancient School of Yoga® is a personal and professional yoga training in English at the highest international level. Our program lasts 15 months and transforms our students into excellent practitioners and then teachers, with a deep knowledge of the essence and practices of yoga.
Our program:


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Our students will receive knowledge in a simple and practical way, from an experienced teacher who has a profound commitment to the tradition of yoga.


All practices will be explained, demonstrated and corrected, and the students will learn how to demonstrate, explain and adjust other students.


Our program will bring you spirituality, a sense of unity and contentment, improve your health, and deepen your understanding of the origins of yoga and its various practices.

International Certification

Our program follows the high standards set by Independent Yoga Network, UK, which is a recognized international organization concerned with maintaining the authenticity, freedom and quality of Yoga teachings.


Our Program

Our course is carefully designed to have a profound impact on your personal life, discovering together the roots of yoga, combining precise techniques and spiritual perception.
You will learn yoga history and philosophy, Yogic and Western anatomy and physiology, over 56 Asanas in great detail, pranayama, kriyas, mudras, bandhas, tantra, yantra, Ayurveda, teaching methodology, mantra chanting, meditation, yoga therapy, shat kriyas and teacher ethics.


Exclusive Material

You will receive ten books written by me that explain everything you need to know to transform your life through the teachings of yoga. We will cover one book per weekend in detail, full of information that is not available in any other training. 

The Path of Yoga


Our Goal

“Our goal is to plant potent seeds of knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality within the students, which we hope will grow with time, practice and study. We will imprint in each participant, a sincere love for yoga and a burning desire to practice every day, for the rest of their lives”.


What our students say:
Silvia Pons Vanrell
What our students say:
Maria Binimelis Androver

Know Your Teacher:

Bira Gonzaga is a yogi, author and senior teacher. He began practicing in 2000 and teaching in 2007. He lived many years in India, and his life in the Himalayas brought him into contact with yogis of profound wisdom. He also lived in a shamanic community in the Amazon jungle, where he had life-changing experiences with Ayahuasca.
The goal of his classes is to bring spiritual insight into physical practices, naturally turning it into daily behavior. His focus in each class is to awaken the dormant wisdom in each student, and merge it with our breath, our mind, the asanas, and everything we do.
Bira has taught classes and workshops in over eleven countries and is the author of the novel Tommy Pilgrim. He has published online courses and writes articles for
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Hatha Yoga Teacher Training - 200 hrs

Have an excellent personal practice.
Change your view of yourself and the world.
Discover the meaning of your spiritual life.
Learn the most important Hatha Yoga asanas with adjustments and variations.
Teach with a proper understanding of the anatomy and physiology of yoga.
Become a certified international yoga teacher.


What our students say:
Matteo Gemmo


Hamburg 2024/25

Class Dates:


Oct 14/15

Nov 11/12

Dec 09/10


Jan 13/14

Feb 10/11

Mar 09/10

Apr 06/07

Mai 04/05

Jun 07/08/09 (retiro 3 dias)

* All dates are subject to confirmation. 
Tuition fee: 2.600,00 € (not including food and lodging).
Deposit at registration: 400,00 € (non-refundable).
Forms of payment:
1 x de 2.200,00 ,
2 x de 1.100,00
3 x de 740,00
*You can also pay €189,00 per month in 12months. 
For more details, please send an email to
What our students say:
Vanessa Cappry

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I need to be practicing yoga before joining the program?

We require that you have a minimum of 6 months (and recommend a minimum of one year) of consistent yoga practice before enrolling in our teacher training program. We want to make sure students have a basic foundation in the primary yoga postures before going deeper.

Can my application be rejected?

Yes, we do not accept everyone into the program. Feel free to ask questions before, during and after the application process. Your teacher is available to talk to you about the process and programs.

What if I can't do all the postures that are done in a regular yoga class?

That’s not a problem. Yoga is not just about the poses, and in fact, a good portion of the training will focus on our attitude, and how we adapt the poses to each individual. Over the course of the training, you will understand how to adapt the poses to your ability.

What if I have an injury or a special condition? Can I take this course?

We recommend that you consult with your physician first and bring a signed waiver stating that you are able to take the class. With your physician’s permission and clearance, minor physical limitations can also serve as useful demonstrations for learning to work with students with similar limitations.

What are the requirements for graduation?

In order to graduate in the program, the course must be paid in full, and you must meet the following requirements:

– Attendance at all in-class teacher training sessions.

– Successful completion of homework, quizzes, in-class final exams and assignments (don’t worry, you will be well prepared).

– Participation in the final in-class teaching practicum.

– Completion of class requirements.

What can I do next?

Graduates of the 200-hour program typically begin teaching in small studios, gyms, with private clients (friends and family), etc. Many new teachers choose to continue their teacher training and participate in our 300-hour professional program as a way to further solidify their skills, knowledge, and style as a yoga instructor.

What if I don't want to be a teacher?

That’s fine. Our 200-hour training is ideal for those who want to go deeper into the study of yoga, and to improve their own practice. It is also ideal for students who simply want to have a deeply transformative experience, and spend more time around others who are as enthusiastic about yoga as they are.

How long will the training last each month?

The 200-hour training has a minimum of 180 direct contact hours, which means you will be in a yoga studio for workshops, asana classes or lectures during that time.

You will have, over a nine-month period, eight full weekends of 20 hours each, and a 30-hour retreat at the conclusion of the course. You will also have homework and reading assignments. You can talk to me beforehand and evaluate how the training will impact your daily life.

What style of yoga do you teach?

You will learn yoga in its totality, and you will learn the most important styles in the physical practice, as a variation of your own personal practice. You will know how to be precise, creative and able to flow safely. Your foundation will be a blend of Traditional Hatha Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa.

The philosophy we study is the Samkhya philosophy of Master Kapila, the principles of Advaita Vedanta, the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

What is the cancellation and refund policy for the teacher training?

A deposit of 400 Euros must be paid at the time of registration to secure your place. This deposit is non-refundable. If you cancel 30 days or more before the start of the program, you will lose your deposit.

If you cancel 14 to 30 days before the start of the program, you will lose your deposit in full, and the remaining balance, if paid, will be refunded.

These charges are not transferable. If you cancel within 14 days prior to the start of the program or do not attend the program, the full deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

Will I be qualified to teach yoga once I complete the 200-hour Teacher Training Program?

At a technical level, yes.

With successful completion of all program requirements, including contact hours, assignments and exam, you will receive your Certificate evidencing your training at the 200-hour level. You can also enroll in the Independent Yoga Network ( at the RYT-200 level (Registered Yoga Teacher 200).

On a personal level, it will depend on your dedication and growth as a conscious human being committed to the light of yoga.


How do I enroll in the program?

You can enroll online today. Consult the course guide and the dates of our classes. Fill the registration form and write me with any questions. I will confirm it within 48 hours, along with the necessary information for your deposit and secure your place.
I will follow up with your training welcome material. Your payment is due in full two weeks prior to the start of the program, unless a payment plan has been previously agreed upon.



May Harmony, Love, Truth and Justice prevail on the face of the Earth.