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4 Oct 2016


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Dear Yogis,

Namaste. May the Light of Yoga be with us, and our dreams being manifested, through our work and the grace of God. I just came back from another season of practice in India and feel very inspired.


This is the view from a secret cave at the riverbanks

For the last thirty days, I had 6.5 hours of practice every day. It feels really wondeful, and I’ve learned new things with my dear teacher, who does not like to be known. I will not tell you his name.


Me and my dear teacher

For a person who follows the Path of Yoga, teaching should always be secondary. We must deepen our own personal practice first, doing what must be done and realizing what must be realized; always opening it again and again to new possibilities.



This is the life I’ve chosen, and I am so happy with it.

What about you?
Is Yoga still part of your life?



Yoga is an endless, infinte ocean of self-discovery, and it takes time and consistency in our intention.

What are you discovering now?



Accordingly to the Himalayan Masters, the period of confusion and self-doubt we all go through in earlier stages, is not even considered to be life. They say that during this period, we are just like any other animal.


Life begins only when you know who you are and see what is available to you. I was in darkness and confusion for fourty years, and now I see it.

A hundred years of age is nothing.



Remember always.
The ONLY goal of any Yoga practice is PURIFICATION.

Nothing else is more important.


You do it with your clear intention, twenty-four hours a day.

Purify your heart, your mind and your body though everything you do, in all branches of this School, and you will be fine.


This is the only practice, ok?

Love & Light,


My online workshop is getting better and better, and very soon, I will launch the best presentation on Yoga available online. I wish all your dreams will also become true.

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