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Yoga at Barefoot Studio
17 Aug 2014

Birmingham Workshop 2014

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The Soul of Yoga

2 Day Classical Hatha Yoga Workshop Birmingham, Nov 8/9



The Path of Yoga is my greatest motivation and my infinite source of strength. This is what I am going to share in Birmingham with a special group of people in November 8 & 9. Yoga has always being my key to myself, and as the years went by, it is the only thing I did not quit or forgot.

It brought me to my essence, and I will talk about the Essence with you. It helped me to bring myself together countless times, my devotion, my emotions, my thoughts, my strength and my actions.

We are going to act.

I am going to say that Yoga has always being there to show us where to go.

Everything is in this wonderful School of many Masters, and the Ultimate Master, who is?

It is ME.

It is YOU.

Yoga is the tool to dig out, to find out and balance whatever that exists in this vast Universe,

and what doesn’t, we create.

What are you going to create?


My good friend, Yoga teacher and studio owner Faye Fenton from Barefoot Birmingham UK, is sharing her beautiful new space with the lucky students willing to dive deeper into this journey, the art and science of loving oneself and feeling good on November 8 and 9.

For information and bookings please visit Barefoot Birmingham

Thank you all for the great Light we shared!



Love, Yoga & Light.

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