A journey to the Milky Way

The Yoga of the Unconscious
18 Oct 2015

A Journey to the Milky Way

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Yes, it is possible.

You can go there with your mind and have an authentic experience, using the power of your intention. This is a 49-minute powerful Yoga Nidra in English from our Ibiza Yoga Retreat hosted by my friend Louise Cameron.

This is a 49-minute exercise in the Yoga of the Unconscious Mind.


  •  Download it on your computer or phone. Organize yourself before listening, turn off your calls and messages, and make sure you will not interrupt the audio before it is finished.
  • Get a blanket, lie down, put your headphones on and let go. Just listen. Do not move your body at all while listening, and NEVER listen while driving or operating a machine.


  • You will transcend time and space. Believe in your experience. Listen to it as much as you wish, and learn how to grow with it.

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